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The moon is pure magic, and its many phases and changing moods make it work in many different ways!


This little kit teaches those beginning in magic the central themes appropriate to different phases of the moon. It offers 4 different candles, with suggestions for different types of rituals for each phase of the moon.


   White for the WAXING moon, for expansion and attraction
   Silver for the FULL moon, for 
   Gray for the WANING moon, for release and letting go
   Black for the NEW moon, for new beginnings and starting new projects
Kit comes with:

   Chime candle holder
   4 Chime Candles (White, Black, Silver and Gray)\

   1  Arachne's Brass Candle Carving Tool*
   Instructions for anointing and inscribing candles.
   1 (tumbled) Rainbow Moonstone - Perfect for attuning to the energies of the moon!

   1 Silver satin pouch for spell work, and to carry your moonstone


*The Arachne's candle carving tool is a new tool that Mars made for me after I cut myself carving a candle with a small knife. This is SO much easier to use! It's like carving with a little pencil - you hold it like a pencil and just "write" onto the candle. It has one shapened point in the brass. And it's sized to easily fit into a travel altar. 😊


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Moon Magick Ritual Kit - Updated!

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