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This Witch's Mirror Wash is designed to clear and cleanse a new or existing mirror in your home. I use it when I buy a new or used mirror, and I also use it on the mirrors hanging in my house about once a month.


Designed to clear away negative energy and bring in positive, reflecting only good, happy energy into your space. This is an herbal wash used to clean and charge your mirrors for magick!


The wash contains a variety of herbs, infused and then added to vinegar. The vinegar scent goes away as soon as the spray dries, but leaves mirrors sparkling and clean as a pleasant side effect.


This wonderful idea came from reading the book my Mickie Mueller: The Witch's Mirror


Mickie has so many wonderful insights about working with mirrors, clearing them, and using them for magick. I made this wash during the waxing October moon, and charged it under the full Blood moon.


You will receive a 2 oz bottle of this Mirror Cleansing wash. This is designed to clear negative energy and make room for positive and healing energy. This is for your protection magick "housework".


Bottle is PET plastic, and recyclable. Comes with a sprayer.


Mirror Cleansing and Blessing Wash

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