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This is the cutest little burner. Originally, I intended these for travel altars, but they are just the tinies tbit too big for our small tins. This would be fine in many travel altars though, you can see the scale in the second image, shown with a U.S. quarter.


The ant is holding a little seed, and the seed has the hole for the incense stick. It worked fine with a full sized stick, although I think I would break the wooden end of the stick down a little to keep the scale smaller.


This does not have any ash catcher. It is designed to be added to something - a dish or ash tray or other item that can catch the ashes. This is just the holder.


Ant is made of alloy metal with an antique copper finish.


Made in China.  

Ant Minature Stick Incense Burner

SKU: antburner
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