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Mabon Ritual Kit, Sabbat Ritual Kit, Witches Mabon Ritual, Magick Autumn Equinox Celebration, Witch's Harvest Rite


Mabon is the second of the Harvest holidays, also known as the Fall Equinox or Autumnal Equinox. Mabon is on September 22nd this year (in the Northern hemisphere).  This is second harvest holiday, the first is Lughnasadh in August and the third is Samhain (Halloween). 


Mabon is a time of Thanksgiving for the bounty of the harvest. In fact, Mabon is often called the Witch's Thanksgiving.  Filled with gratitude for the many blessings of the harvest, this is a time to celebrate the bounty of seasonal foods and turning our thoughts to the coming fall and winter.


This little ritual kit is designed to give you the supplies for celebrations during the time of Mabon, to celebrate the harvest, give gratitude and begin to prepare for the coming cold and dark ahead.


While winter isn't here yet, it is time to can those wonderful veggies and putting up yummy things like jams and jellies, pickles, and relishes to keep food interesting during the long winter months. 

These little kits are perfect for anyone who doesn't keep a lot of supplies on hand, or who is in the "broom closet", or just for those who like having all the materials for a Sabbat ritual in one handy package. Each kit comes with the material needed to celebrate, as well as a little information.


Each Kit Contains:

  *  2 Candles:
       1 Orange: Welcome creativity! Activate the sacral chakra and awaken your inner creative voice.
       1 Gold: Give thanks for the abundance around you! Rejoice in the riches of food, friends, warm days, and cool nights that is the fall!    
  *  1 Orange Porcelain Candle Holder

  *  1 Arachne's Candle Carving Tool
  *  1 tumbled Sunstone for your altar 
  *  1 tumbled Amethyst for your altar (sacred to Mabon)
  *  Information cards for the stones with correspondences
  *  1 vial of Arachne's Sabbat anointing oil
  *  2 cones of Dragon's Blood Incense corresponding to Masculine/Fire, to use to cleanse your   

       space, tools, and supplies
  *  A light brown satin pouch (holding the stones) to use for all spell work for Mabon. This is a

     perfect little pouch for a spell bag! 

  * Spell scroll

  * Mabon correspondences sheet


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Mabon Sabbat Ritual Kit

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