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Lodestone for Magick, Witch's Lodestone, Lodestone for Money Spells, Lodestone for Attraction Magick, Lodestone for Money Bowls

Lodestones are stones that have a natural property of magnetism. They aren't tremendously strong magnets, but they do attract iron filings to their surface (as seen in a couple of the photos above).


Magnetic lodestones are a staple in Witchcraft because of their magnetism. When you think of what a magnet does - it pulls things to it. And that is how it's used in magic, as a draw. Often used in Money Drawing magick, to draw love sometimes, to bring wealth and good luck. Lodestones are added to mojo backs, charm bags, Witches Bowls and bottles - any working designed to attract something.


These are fairly large lodestone compared to ones I've had in the past. These are an inch to 2 inches in size. The package comes with some iron filing added to the bag.


When you add iron filings to a lodestone, it is called Lodestone "Food". The act of giving the lodestone something to pull to it, is thought to aid in the spell working. For that reason, many users add a pinch of iron filings to the bowl or bag frequently to "wake up" the lodestone and keep it attracting things - money, luck, etc.


You will receive one lodestone, bagged with a small amount of iron filings. If you want more iron filings, we sell those separately in both plain black, or gold colored iron. The gold is often used for spells to attract wealth and prosperity.


What to do with Lodestones


I use lodestones in money bowls and jars, I add a pinch of lodestone "food" (iron filings) periodically to renew the intention and keep the spell moving energetically.


Lodestones can also be used for any attraction spells - think of the properties of a magnet - it draws things to it. So use it to draw things to you - money, love, fame, new job...


Note: The above is provided for entertainment purposes only. 

Lodestones for Magick

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