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Lodestone Food, Iron Filings for Lodestones, Lodestone "Food" in Gray or Gold, Prosperity Magick Supplies, Lodestone Food for Money Bowls

Lodestone "food" is iron filings. This is the material used to "feed" the lodestone. The practice of adding iron filings to a lodestone is thought to awaken its attraction properties and make it work magically to attract wealth and prosperity.


Iron filings are attracted to the magnetic property of lodestones. They are attracted and will create an almost furry appearance on the surface of the lodestone, as seen in the 5th image that shows a very close shot of a lodestone with the filings on it.


You will receive one package of lodestone food. This does NOT include a lodestone. Those are sold separately. The 4th image shows iron filings on a lodestone, which is sold separately.


At checkout, choose either natural or gold lodestone food. Either works for attraction magick, although many like the gold better.


What to do with Lodestone Food


Lodestones are often used in magick working to attract. I use lodestones in money bowls and jars, I add a pinch of lodestone "food" (iron filings) periodically to renew the intention and keep the spell moving energetically.


Lodestones can also be used for any attraction spells - think of the properties of a magnet - it draws things to it. So use it to draw things to you - money, love, fame, new job...


We offer lodestone food in two types, one is iron gray, the other is metallic gold. Some people like the gold, on the idea of "like attracts like". Other prefer the more natural appearance of the gray. Both work magickally, it is up to your taste.


Note: The above is provided for entertainment purposes only. 

Lodestone Food, Iron Filings

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