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Arachne's Web is now carrying a line of fragrance oils for use in crafting. These are useful for witch bottles and incense, and make good additions to soap and similar craft projects.


There are fragrances available in this line that are not available as essential oils. This one is one of those.


Class: Fragrance Oil



Lily of the Valley is often marketed as "Muguet". The scent is extremely popular, and is ued in both magical working and in perfuming.



This oil is appropriate for use as a note for incense and home-made perfumes, soaps, bath and body care such as shower scrubs. It is also wonderful for use in spells in place of the physical flower if you are unable to acquire one. I do not recomment this for use in any medicinal way, and would not atomize it for medical purposes.



Latin:   Convallaria magalis
Gender:     Masculine
Planetary:   Mercury
Zodiac:  Gemini, Taurus, Virgo 
Elements:     Air


Also known as: Jacob's Ladder, Ladder to Heaven

Magical Properties:

Calm, consecraste, defense, desire, harmony, innocense, inspiration, love, (defensive) magic, memories, optimism, peace, protection and reversal.


Medicinal Properties:

This is fragrance oil, so does not have medicinal application.


This is fragrance oil, so it is not appropriate for medicinal purposes.

Not for internal use.


You will receive: A 1 ounce bottle of Lily of the Valley fragrance oil.

Lily of the Valley Fragrance Oil

SKU: FOLilyValley
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