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Lemon Verbena for Magick, Dried Lemon Verbena, Witch's Lemon Verbena, Lemon Verbena for Magick, Lemon Verbena for Spells, Lemon Verbena for


Latin:          Lippia citriodora

Gender:     Masculine

Planetary: Mercury

Element:    Air

Zodiac:      Pisces


Magical Properties:

Purification, Love, Exorcism and Nightmares. Lemon Verbena is often added to love Spells, but you can also wear it to make you attractive to the opposite sex. Add to incense to dispel negative energy, cleanse and purify. Add to baths for purification. In some texts, this is added to other items to boost their strength.


In folk lore, placing Lemon Verbena under your pillow was said to stop nightmares.


This listing is for a 1 oz bag of dried Lemon Verbena, with an information card of correspondences.



Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Lemon Verbena Herb for Witchcraft

SKU: HerbLemonVerbena
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