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Casting Salts, Witch's Circle Salts, Lavender and Sage Casting Salts, Witch's Protection


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Witch's Circle Casting Salts for Protection and Cleansing


These salts are made using rough and fine sea salt, with organic lavender flowers, rosemary and garden sage, and essential oils of Lavender and Rosemary. The result is a fragrant casting salt that is a pleasure to the senses.


You will receive 2 oz of casting salts in a glass bottle with a cork stopper.  Easy to refill and use on your altar or in your travel altar.
Casting salts can be cast around you in a circle, or used as pictured - sprinkled around a specific working like a candle spell in a circle to consecrate and protect the energy and workings within the circle.

Note: The information above is provided for entertainment purposes only.

Lavender Sage Casting Salts for Magick

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