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Labradorite bracelet, Labradorite for Shamanism, Stretch Bracelet, Stone Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet


One of my favorite ways to use magic is to charm jewelry for myself or someone else to wear. I put little intentions for health and healing, unconditional love, sweet dreams and sometimes luck and money on jewelry pieces that I wear and that I give as gifts.


This cute little Labradorite bracelet is perfect for this kind of charm work! What better object to charm for transformation in your life or the life of another. Labradorite is known to ground spiritual energies and to help balance energies. A wonderful stone for those drawn to the shaman's path. This bracelet is a perfect object for those drawn to a spiritual leadership path, to charm for grounded, level energy and balanced strength and perseverance.


This bracelet is approximately 7 1/4" in size, but it stretches. It should fit most people due to the stretch, but it would likely be too tight for someone with a wrist larger than 8".


There is no clasp on this bracelet - it is elastic.


To Charm a Piece of Jewelry

Use sage smoke or spray to clear and cleanse the items before using it.
hold the item in your hands. If you prefer, light one or more candles, and maybe burn incense if you like the practice. Get to a quiet place and position where you can focus your energy.
Try to plan this for time without interruption.
Hold the item, and focus your energy on it. Picture the energy you are trying to attract and draw in - possibly an amount of money, or a new job, or a new love - whatever you are trying to attract. For this bracelet, strength, perseverance, the ability to keep power in balance, the courage and confidence to lead.
Focus on the bracelet for as long as you can.
Once you feel you have infused your energy into the item, wear it! Or, gift it to someone you love so they can benefit from your good intentions.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only

Labradorite Stretch Nugget Bracelet

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