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Hekate Keys Necklace, Keeping Her Keys Necklace, Hecate Devotion Necklace, Witch's Necklace, Witchy Jewelry, Hecate Necklace


The chain for this necklace is silver plated. 


The clasp is stainless steel, a lobster style.


The key charms are tiny, suspended from a central ring, also silver plated.


The chain is 18" long. The keys ring center piece is about 1.5" long.


The symbol of three keys is sacred to devotees of Hekate. Hekate is the queen of Witches. An ancient Goddess, she is associated with Witchcraft, Herbal lore and other esoteric teachings.


Arrives boxes and ready to gift to your favorite Witch!

Keeping Her Keys Hekate Pendant

SKU: Hekatependant
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