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Incense Sand, Heat Sink Sand, Sand for Burning Charcoal, Heat Sink for Charcoal, Sand for Incense Charcoal


Used as an additional heat sink when burning incense, this incense sand can be used to convert almost anything into a safe incense burner. The images above show an antique dish and a small condiment dish used with cone incense. This works well and doesn't risk cracking the plate because the sand acts as a heat sink. This means most of the heat is disipated into the sand instead of the dish.


Available in either black or green (choose at checkout), each bag should give you several fills in containers. You can reuse the sand for as long as you like. It will eventually get fairly filled with ash from the incense, but it still works.


You wll receive one pack of either black or green sand (select at check out).

Incense Burning Sand

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