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HEM Come to Me Stick Incense, HEM Incense, Aphrodisiac Incense, Witchy Incense, Love Spell Incense, Magick Incense

This incense by HEM is based on that old recipe, and is designed to have a potent aphrodisiac quality. Burn during love and lust spells for attraction.


HEM is an old India incense company of world reknown. They make incense in the traditional way, and pay strict attention to quality. Hand-rolled in India.  This incense is high quality, burns well and has consistent and smooth scent.


This box contains 20 sticks of premium incense.


Made in India.


Generous box contains 20 sticks of Come to Me incense suitable for rituals year round.


Note: These statements are intended for entertainment purposes only.


Safety Statement: Please never leave burning incense unattended, and keep out of reach of children and pets.

HEM Come to Me Stick Incense

$1.95 Regular Price
$0.98Sale Price
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