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HEM Aphrodisia Stick Incense, HEM Incense, Aphrodisiac Incense, Witchy Incense, Love Spell Incense, Magick Incense

Aphrodisia is a fresh, original scent from HEM. This lovely scent is designed to set a romantic mood or to use in love and romance rituals.


Aphrodisia is from HEM Corporation, which is located in Bangalore & Mumbai, India. HEM is an old company who have been making traditional Indian incense for a long time. This incense is high quality, burns well and has consistent and smooth scent.


Hand-rolled in India to exacting quality standards.


Generous box contains 20 sticks of Aphrodisiac incense suitable for rituals year round.


Safety Statement: Please never leave burning incense unattended, and keep out of reach of children and pets.


We ship incense in a box, 12 x 4 x 4, to prevent it breaking. We have tried many other methods, but this is the only way it arrives in one piece!

HEM Aphrodsia Stick Incense

$1.95 Regular Price
$0.98Sale Price
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