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Frankincense Resin Incense, Resin of Frankincense, Witch's Frankincense Resin, Resin Incense, Frankincense for Maigick


Added to any incense blend, Frankincense will increase the action of the other woods, herbs and resins. Burn directly, or over charcoal.


This package contains one oz of chunk resin Frankincense suitable for burning on charcoal. Package shown is 3 x 5" in size, so you can see the size in the package in the images.


Note: This Frankincense is meant for incense. 


Resins and charcoal make a lot of smoke when burned, so start sparingly! Another option is this resin burner that uses a tea lite in stead of charcoal. It makes much less smoke.




Latin:             Boswellia sacra
Planets:        Sun
Elemental:   Air and Fire
Gender:        Masculine


Magical Properties: 

Used in incense it burns away negativity and raises the energy of the space. Believed by many to be the most powerful and useful incense for this purpose. Used for exorcism. Adding frankincense to any incense blend will increase the action of the other woods, herbs and resins in the blend. As an offering, frankincense can be burned in a brazier over charcoals or placed directly into the ritual fire.

Use Frankincense to connect with the sacred masculine.


Blends beautifully with Myrrh to balance male and female energies.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Frankincense Chunk Resin

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