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Evil Eye Bracelet, Glass Beaded Bracelet with Hamsa Hand Charm, Protection Bracelet, Witch's Evil Eye Protection Bracelet


This bracelet is strung on elastic cord, so it does not have a closure, and it makes it somewhat adjustable.


The base bracelet fits me perfectly, at about a 7.5" length. It could comfortably be worn by someone with a 7" or 8" wrist size.  If you want one made smaller or larger, I am happy to do so.


The beads are glass, made in Turkey. The Hamsa hand charm is made of stainless steel. The metal beads scattered throughout the bracelet are sterling silver from Bali.


The evil eye symbol and beads in these colors have been used as protection charms for centuries. They are also beautiful, with their deep, cobalt blue color.


Charming/enchanting a piece of jewelry for any kind of magick is a wonderful way to enrich your witchcraft practice. 


Comes in a jewelry box, suitable for storing the bracelet, or giving as a gift.


To Charm a Piece of Jewelry


You can do this in any way that feels right for you, but here are some common practices:

  • Use smoke from incense to clear the piece and bring the energy to neutral, then "charge" it
  • To charge it, hold the piece in both hands and focus your intension within sacred space, focused on what you want the jewelry to do
  • Put the piece into a special box or bowl, and using herbs or flowers, bury the bracelet for a day or so
  • Place the bracelet on a large piece of Selenite known to clear and charge other items
  • If you choose to use salt, please don't leave it there for long, and rinse it thoroughly when you remove it as salt will corrode the silver and steel!
  • Sprays made from distilled water, moonwater with essential oils - make wonderful options for clearing objects


Note: Please if you are at risk or in physical danger, call help. The magick is in you, but magick works best when we work with it!

Evil Eye Bracelet

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