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3 Emeralds Rough, 3 Emerald Stones, 3 Rough Emerald Crystals, Emerald for Spells


Emerald has been valued for as far back as we know - it has been used as a precious gemstone in the crowns and jewelry of royalty and has been part of magnificent hoards through antiquity. But it is even more valuable for it's metaphysical properties!


Note: Tumbling these will not work out well. The matrix the emerald is in is extremely brittle, and it will just disintegrate. While many precious stones are pretty hard, the matrix they grow in is not.  And Emerald is not a hard stone, it is extremely soft. Even cut polished emeralds can be easily scratched or cracked.


These Emeralds are about the energy of Emeralds, they are not jewelry grade.


Safe to use in water or oil:  No




Birthstone:          May
Zodiac:                  Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo
Chakra(s):            Heart
Numbers:             4, 6
Element:               Earth
Planetary:            Jupiter, Venus


Magickal Properties:


Business, clairvoyance, cleverness, creativity, discipline, endurance, healing, protect from hexes, insight, knowledge, luck, manifestation, messages, omens, money, prophesy, protection, psychic ability, sexuality, the senses, travel, (inner) truth, wealth and wishes.


To clear stones and crystals of energies and charge it with your intention:


  • Use sea salt - burying the stone in the salt over night
  • Put the stones into direct, full sunlight for a day or two
  • Use sage, Palo Santo or other ritual clearing smoke to clear the crystal
  • Use Reiki energy to clear and re-energize your crystal


This listing is for 3 rough Emeralds as shown. Sizes may vary.



Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

Emerald, 3 Small Rough

SKU: StoneEmeraldRough
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