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Loose Blue Vervain Herb, Witchy Herbs, Vervain for Magick, Vervain for Spells, Witch's Herb Vervain

Vervain, Witches Vervain for Magic, Vervain for Witchcraft, Vervain for Spells


Latin:              Verbena officianalis
Element:        Air, Earth, Fire
Celebration: Litha
Gender:          Feminine
Planet:            Venus
Tarot:               The Magician


Magickal Properties & Uses:

Anxiety, balance, banishing, beginnings, consecration, divination, enchantment, fertility, grounding, healing, (break) hexes, manifestation, money, nightmares, prophecy, protection, purification, release, sleep, stress, success, support, wealth, (protect from) lightning storms, (protect from) Witchcraft.


You will receive one ounce of vervain, and includes the information from this listing on a card suitable for a card file or to use in your book of shadows.


Note: This information is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Vervain, Dried for Magick

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