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Spearmint is cooling and is a lovely additive in spells for calming of excess emotion. I use it in bowls and jars to calm tempers. Spearmint is also a wonderful addition to cooking and teas! A touch of mint added savory dishes brings out other flavors.




Latin:                Mentha spicata
Gender:           Masculine
Planetary:       Venus
Astrological:   Libra
Element:          Air, Water


Magical Properties:

Calming aggression, (physical) balance, concentration and focus, healing, love, luck, money, (mental) power, protection, purification, (home) security, stimulation, strength, support and trust.

You will receive 1 oz. of Organic Spearmint Leaf. Spearmint is wonderful in teas - in hot weather it is a wonderful addition to "sun tea".


To make sun tea you simply put your favorite teas or herbs into a jar with cold water, then set it out in the sun for the day. After several hours in the sun, decant and enjoy it over ice! Spearmint is a wonderful addition to almost any tea made this way because mint is so cooling.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Spearmint Leaf, Dried for Magick

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