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Oat Straw, Witch's Oat Straw, Oat Straw for Magick, Magic Herbs, Oat Straw for Witchcraft, Spell Ingredient, Witchy Herbs


The primary use of oats in magick is money spells and prosperity. Sometimes encourage a good harvest. In herbalism, oat straw is a nutrative herb used in teas. it tastes very green on its own, so if you want to use it in tea, consider adding an herb like peppermint for it's fresh taste.  

This amber glass jar comes with 1 oz. of organic Oat Straw, suitable for spell work, bottles and jars and other Witchcraft.  


Bag shown holds 1 oz.




Latin:           Avena sativa  
Element:     Earth   
Gender:      Feminine     
Planet:        Venus 
Zodiac:       Taurus, Libra          
Deities:       Aphrodite, Venus
Magical Properties & Uses:


The primary use is in money magick, but also used to good effect in fertility magick. Used in Witch bottles or bowls for attracting abundance and wealth. Also usexd in ritual baths and in tea recipes. Keep a small amount in wallet or purse to draw in money and prosperity.



Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Oat Straw, Dried and Sifted, for Magick

SKU: HerbOatstraw
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