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Latin:               Rosa Damacena
Gender:          Feminine
Planetary:      Venus
Astrological: Taurus
Element:         Water


Magical Properties:

A traditional component in love spells.  Roses are beautiful when added to incense and potpourri for any magic associated with love and romance. Thorns from live roses can be used to mark wax figures. Rose hips can be used as offerings to attract friendly spirits.


Historically, roses were used in bathing for relaxation and beauty. Also, roses were used for rinsing the hair and skin. Roses have been valued for centuries.


You will receive a 1 oz. bag of dried red rose buds and petals, as pictured. Each order comes with a correspondence card of magickal properties also. 


The listings is for 1 oz of red roses, with an information card with correspondences for your book of shadows.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Rose Buds and Petals Red, Dried for Spells

SKU: HerbRosesRed
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