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Raspberry Leaf, Cut Sifted, Witch's Raspberry Leaf, Witchy Herbs, Raspberry Leaf for Spells




Latin:                Rubus idaeus          
Origins:           Organic             
Planets:          Venus, Moon
Zodiac:            Cancer, Pisces      
Gender:          Feminine         
Element:         Water       
Chakra:           Sacral     


Magical Properties: 


Raspberry leaf is used for good luck in marriage, love affairs, sex magick, “hold” a lover (keep them loyal to you), used in fertility charms, protrection for the home or business. Plant a Raspberry bush near the home for protection of all kinds. Sometimes used in protection charms for pregnant women. Used as an offering, or added to incenses, or to make tea.


You will receive 1 oz of Raspberry leaf in a zip lock bag, with a card of correspondences and book of shadows information.


Note: The above is intended for entertainment only.

Raspberry Leaf, Dried, for Magick

SKU: HerbRaspberryLeaf
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