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Mullein Leaf Powder, Witchy Herbs, Mullein Leaf for Magick, Mullein Leaf for Spells, Witch's Herb Mullein Leaf Powder




Latin:                Verbascum thapsus
Element:          Fire
Celebration:   Samhain, Walpurgis
Gender:           Feminine
Planet:             Saturn
Zodiac:            Libra
God:                 Jupiter


Sometimes referred to as graveyard dirt, Mullein is a good substitute for that ingredient, when that is called for in spells and rituals. Mullein is sacred to Samhain, and a good plant for work at that time.


Magical Properties & Uses:


Authority, balance, banishing, courage, divination, (protection from) hexes, longevity, love, (general) magic, (black) magic, relieve nightmares, spiritual protection, psychic ability, purification, release, support and well being.


You will receive 1 oz. by weight of powdered Mullein leaf.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Mullein Leaf, Dried and Powdered, for Spells

SKU: HerbMulleinLeaf
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