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Mugwort for Magic, Mugwort for Dreams and Visions, Witch's Mugwort, Protection Magic Herbs, Spell Components, Mugwort for Divination


Sacred to the Goddess Artemis, who was reputed to give comfort (or death) to women in labor!  

Note: Not for internal use.




Latin:              Artemisia vulgaris
Element:        Earth
Celebration: Litha
Gender:          Feminine
Planet:            Moon, Venus

Zodiac:           Taurus or Libra

Magickal Properties & Uses:

Divination, prophecy, protection.

  • Mugwort is sometimes used to smudge, can be smoked, and is often burned before divination. 
  • Try making a "Dream Pillow" stuffed with Mugwort to encourage prophetic dreams. Add Roses to encourage dreams of a future lover.
  • Use herbal water made from Mugwort (tea) to cleanse ritual tools, especially Divination tools such as scrying mirrors, crystals, etc.
  • Hang Mugwort over your doors to keep unwelcome energies out.


You will receive 1 oz. of Mugwort in a bag, cut and sifted. This also ships with an information card of correspondences for your grimoire. 


Note: This information is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Mugwort, Dried for Magick

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