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Mistletoe herb, Witchy Herbs, Mistletoe for Magick, Mistletoe for Spells, Witch's Herb Mistletoe

Note: Mistletoe is poisonous, do not consume. Used in witchcraft for offerings and spell jars/bowls only. Do not burn indoors, without adequate ventilation.




Latin:               Viscum album
Element:         Air
Celebration:   Litha, Yule
Gender:           Masculine
Planet(s):         Mercury, Sun
Zodiac:           Leo
Goddesses:    Arianrhod, Freya, Venus
Gods:                Apollo, Balder, Jupiter, Odin, Zeus


Magical Properties & Uses:


Banishing, blessing, beginnings, business, creativity, divination, dream work, fertility, healing, the home, attract love, luck, marriage, remove negativity, remove obstacles, peace, (inner) power, prosperity, protection, purification, strength, success, well-being, (protection from) witchcraft. 


You will receive one ounce of mistletoe, and the information from this listing on a card suitable for a card file for your records.


Not for internal use in any form.

Note: This information is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Mistletow Herb, Dried, for Spells

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