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Historically used in love spells, to help with sleep, to relax...the Lavender flowers are mentioned in many volumes of folk magic.


Lavender can be brewed into teas, candied, baked into foods (try Lavender scones!). Lavender is lovely as a sachet, or used in the bath for self-love and forgiveness.


Lavender is one of the basic herbs no witch should be without!


Note: This lavender is organic, food grade, and can be used in teas, food, crafts, sachets and magic - any way you choose.




Latin:               Lavandula angustafolia
Gender:          Masculine
Planetary:      Mercury
Astrological: Virgo
Element:         Air


Magical Properties:


Used in spells to sharpen the mind, to encourage fertility and to strengthen true love.


You will receive one oz. of Organic English Lavender Flowers, with a card of correspondences.

These now come in a bag with a label, and with a separate information card for the properties of Lavender.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Organic Lavender Flowers, Dried for Magick

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