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Jezebel Root, Witchy Herbs, Jezebel Root for Magick, Jezebel Root for Spells, Witch's Herb Jezebel Root, Jezebel Spell Root


Also known as Stillingia Root, Queen Elizabeth Root


Not for internal use.




Latin:         Picea abies
Element:  Water
Gender:    Feminine
Planet:      Venus


Magical Properties & Uses:


Attracts men with money, Attract luck and success, Cursing, Controller of mind and body, Money Drawing, Encourages others to be generous toward one who carries Jezebel Root. Used in the curse of Jezebel against enemies.


Women in traditionally female professions (waitress, secretary, hairdresser, etc.) carry for luck in money and wealth.


Wishing spell: write a wish on paper, then wrap it around a piece of jezebel root and tie with natural cord. Carry in your pocket until the wish comes true.


Business success spell: wrap a piece of root in a dollar bill. Carry this with you to important meetings or when you have contracts to sign.


Not for internal use!


The listings is for one 1 oz of Jezebel root in a zip lock plastic bag with an information card.


Note: This information is provided for entertainment purposes only.

Jezebel Root, Dried for Magick

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