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Jasmine Flowers, Witchy Herbs, Jasmine for Magick, Jasmine for Spells, Witch's Herb Jasmine Flowers


Jasmine flowers have been used in a classic ingredient in all magic for love through the ages. Used to heal a broken heart, welcome new babies, attract true love and scent the perfect bath, pink rose petals are gentle and sweet. Used to draw love and romance, they are also a nice ingredient in desserts and teas!


Try using these as an offering to deity or to the Fae for Beltane. Or, add them to spells for attracting true love, and sprinkle them in a bath for gentle self-love.




Latin:             Jasminum grandiflorum
Gender:         Feminine
Planetary:     Mercury, the Moon
Zodiac:          Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces
Element:       Earth, Water


Magical Properties:


Anti-anxiety, attraction, (emotional) balance, beauty, calm, clarity, consecration, grace, harmony, healing, inspiration, (attract) love, lust, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, romance, sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, visions, wealth and well-being.


Historically, Jasmine flowers were used in bathing for relaxation and for beauty, as well as rinsing the hair and skin. They have been valued for centuries. Often used with Roses.


You will receive 1 oz. of white Jasmine flower buds and some petals, and an information card with the above information for your book of shadows or grimoire.



Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Jasmine Flowers, Dried, for Magick

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