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Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Witchy Herbs, Hibiscus for Magick, Hibiscus for Spells, Witch's Herb Hibiscus Flowers, Hibiscus for tea and magick


Hibiscus is a gorgeous tropical flowering plant that is hardy to around zone 10. The blossoms are large and showy, and come in a variety of bold colors, although brilliant red is the hallmark. Hibiscus when dried has an astringent, drying flavor profile for blends in teas.




Latin:               Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Gender:          Female
Planetary:      Venus
Zodiac:         Taurus
Element:        Fire, Water
God:                Ganesh*


Magical Properties:


Clairvoyance, concentration, consecration and blessing, divination, (sexual) energy, (sexual) freedom, harmony, (attracting) love, (removing) obstacles, passion, peace, power, psychic ability, sensuality, unity and warmth.


*Because the God Ganesh is noted for removing obstacles, I use this flower in various spell work for opening the path to success.  


Add Hibiscus to herbal teas or other food to add a drying, astringent note, and a brilliant red color. I add a dash to all my sun teas and sangria to make the colors deep, jewel red.


You will receive 1 oz. by weight of dried Hibiscus flowers and an information card with the correspondences above. These are organic, and wonderful for us in food, beverages or magic!

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Hibiscus Flowers, Dried for Magick

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