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Loose Organic Damiana Herb, Witchy Herbs, Damiana for Magick, Damiana for Spells, Witch's Herb Damiana


Also known as Old Woman's Broom


Damiana is a shrub that grows primarily in Texas in the United States. It has small, pretty yellow flowers. The fruit is edible. This is the dried plant material, not the flowers or fruit. This is used in making incense, teas and as an offering on the altar.


Listing is for 1 oz. by weight of dried Damiana herb. Herb is suitable for use in teas, as incense or for offerings on the altar for love and sex spells.




Latin:          Turnera diffusa
Gender:     Masculine
Planetary: Venus, Jupiter
Zodiac:      Aries, Scorpio
Element:    Fire


Magical Properties:

Aphrodisiac. dream-work, divination, love, luck, lust, meditation, psychic awareness, sexuality, sleep and stress.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Damiana Leaf for Spells

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