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Chamomile Flowers, Witchy Herbs, Chamomile for Magick, Chamomile for Spells, Witch's Herb Chamomile Flowers




Latin:             Matricaria recutita
Gender:             Masculine
Planetary:         Sun
Zodiac:               Cancer, Leo
Celebrations:   Litha, Walpurgis, Yule
Element:             Water
Chakras:            Solar Plexus, Throat


Magical Properties:

Dispel anger and anxiety, bring balance, calm. Good for communication, creativity and dream work. Helps with grounding, healing and intuition. Used to attract love, luck and money, to calm nightmares and increase patience.


Historically, chamomile has been used as a gentle sleep aid, and for soothing skin. Today it is used in herbal oils and in teas, and is considered extremely safe. As with any herb, ask your medical practitioner before consuming.


You will receive 1 oz. by weight of Chamomile flowers and an information card with the above information for your book of shadows or grimoire.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Chamomile Flowers, Dried for Magick

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