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Blessed Thistle, Witchy Herbs, Blessed Thistle for Magick, Blessed Thistle for Spells, Witch's Herb Blessed Thistle to Remove Negativity


One of my person favotire herbs, I keep little bowls of Blessed Thistle in every room of my house to absorb negative energy. I change it out periodically and cast it outside where it can dispell harmlessly.


Note: Blessed Thistle not for internal use.


This listing is for 1 ounce of Blessed Thistle by weight. It included an information card with the book of shadows information, including magickal correspondences as shown below.




Latin:              Cunicus benedictus
Element:        Fire
Gender:          Masculine
Celebration:  Yule
Planet:            Mars
Zodiac:           Aries


Magical Properties & Uses:

Used for blessings, consecration, healing, (breaking) hexes, to stimulate memories, bring prosperity, for protection and purification.


Place a bowl of Blessed Thistle in a room to renew the vitality and bring peace and strength to all those within. Lovely after cleansing to encourage good energy.


Some say Blessed Thistle helps drive out melancholy if added to offerings and placed around the home. Small dishes around the house, or added to Witches bottles or bowl spells.

Note: This information is provided for entertainment purposes only.

Blessed Thistle, Dried for Magick

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