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Blackberry Leaf, Witchy Herbs, Blackberry Leaf for Magick, Blackberry Leaf for Spells, Witch's Blackberry Leaf, Mabon Offering


Blackberry leaf is a lovely herb. I use blackberry leaf together with raspberry leaf and various dried berries to make one of my favorite teas. If you like tartness, add a pinch of rosehips. 


Blackberry is a nutritious herb, it soothes and tones the body. Blackberry is lovely addition to spells in bowls and jars.




Latin:                Rubus fruticosus
Planets:           Moon, Venus
Zodiac:             Aries, Scorpio, Taurus
Gender:           Male
Element:          Water
Celebrations: Beltane, Imbolc, Lughnasadh, Mabon
Goddesses:    Brigid, Danu, Freya, Hathor
Gods:                 Bacchus, the Dagda, Dionysus, Osiris, Poseidon


Magical Uses & Properties:

Attachments, communication, death, envy, fertility, grounding, growth, happiness, harmony, healing, intuition, luck, money, prosperity, protection, purification, spirits and wealth. Used as an offering, or added to incenses, or to make tea.


You will receive 1 oz of Blackberry leaf in a zip lock bag, and an information card with correspondences for your book of shadows or grimoire.


Note: The above is intended for entertainment only.

Blackberry Leaf, Dried for Spells

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