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Dragon's Blood Ink, Witch's Ink, Herbal Ink, Ink for Spells, Ink for Witchcraft, Magic Ink


Dragon's Blood ink is made with dragon's blood resin, and is created particularly for spell work and magical writing. I use this ink to write intensions on small scraps of parchment, then burn them. Occasionally I also use this ink to write in my grimoire.


The color of the ink is deep red, although it is a little more watery than traditional art ink.


You can use the ink with any nib/quill pen. An art pen will work just fine.  I don't think I would use this to fill a fountain pen, as it could still have small particulates of the resin suspended in the liquid, and these could clog a fountain could try I guess...but might clog.


Primarily, this is for writing out spells for jars, bowls, to burn, etc.


Note: This information is provided for entertainment purposes only.

Dragons Blood Ink

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