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Dragon's Blood Resin Incense, Resin of Dragons Blood, Witch's Dragons Blood Resin, Resin Incense, Dragons Blood for Maigick


Used for centuries in incense, Dragon's Blood is used either alone of blended with other herbs and resins to make a potent and fiery incense.


This package contains one ounce of resin Dragons Blood suitable for burning on charcoal. Package shown is 3 x 5" in size, so you can see the size in the package in the images.


Note: This Dragon's Blood is meant for incense.


Makes a Lot of smoke when burned on charcoal, so use sparingly! Another option is to use a tea lite burner like this one for a cleaner smoke and scent.


Latin:                Daemomorops draco
Gender:           Masculine
Planetary:       Mars
Element:          Fire
Astrological:   Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Magical Properties:Healing, protection, and banishing. When added to any other incense or blend will increase the potency of the mix.Used for cleansing, clears stale and unpleasant energy from a space. Can be sprinkled as powder to banish negativity. Sometimes used to make magickal ink for writing spells, or to make oils for anointing candles.


Resin incense is designed to burn on indoor charcoal such as Three Kings. Do not use barbeque charcoal, that is not intended for indoor use!


You will receive a package of 1 oz of Dragon's Blood resin, and a card of correspondences.

You can choose whether you prefer the resin ground fairly small, or in larger chunks.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Dragons Blood Chunk Resin

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