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Custom Etched Chalice, Chalice with Your Choice of Words, Style, Font, Witches Run Chalice, Unique Chalice


Deep cobalt blue glass chalice is hand etched with your choice of words. Do you like Witch's Runes? We can do your name or any word or phrase in runes! Do you prefer it in English or another language? We can do that too.


We are wroking on several custom fonts, images will be added to this soon. Meanwhile, the witches runes are up and ready to go!


We can enamel your chalice in Silver, Gold or Copper toned metallic enamel. The chalice shown in the images is done in silver. Images for the others will be up soon.


Contact us ( if you have something specific in mind. We'll help you create your own, completely unique chalice!

Custom Chalice Etched with Any Name!

SKU: customchalice
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