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Cornflower for magick, witchy herbs, flowers for witchcraft


Folk Names: Bluebottle, Blue Poppy, Barbeau, Witch's Bell, Brushes, Bachelor's Button, Cyani Flower, Boutonniere flower and Hurtsickle


  • Latin: Centaurea cyanus
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Planetary: Venus, Saturn
  • Astrological: Cancer, Virgo
  • Element: Air, Earth


Magical Properties:
Psychic Awareness, Ritual, Third Eye Awakening, Self- Knowledge, Spirituality, Abundance, Love, Magick, Fertility, Growth, Creativity


This listing is for a 1 oz bag of blue cornflowers as seen in the photos, with an information card of correspondences.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Cornflower, Dried for Magick

SKU: HerbCornflower
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