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Nature's Whisper Oracle, Witchy Oracle Deck, Oracle Deck, Nature's Whisper Oracle Deck, Witchy Oracle Deck, Oracle for Fortune Telling

Josephine Wall is the brilliant artist who brought the images of the Mystical Wisdom Oracle to us a couple of years ago. In this new deck, she worked with creator Angela Hartfield, bringing her gorgrous imagery to this visual feast of a deck.


Oracle decks can be used in spreads as if they were tarot cards, but I most often use them in one of two ways:


  1. I will draw one in the morning and place it on my altar as a focus of meditation for that day.
  2. I will often draw one or two oracle cards during a tarot reading to gain additional guidance or direction if I feel as though the message in the cards isn't completely clear.


These pretty cards are perfect for either use.


Box is sturdy, typical feel. It contains the cards and a guidebook.


Guidebook is 72 pages and is illustrated for each card, although the illustrations are in black and white.


Cards are slightly over-sized at which may be difficult to shuffle if you have smaller hands.


50 card deck with guidebook

Nature's Whisper Oracle Cards

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