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Pentagram Bowl, Copper bowl, Goddess Bowl, Offering Bowl, Copper Pentagram Bowl

Copper and Brass Offering Bowl with Pentagram Design


Offering bowls are used to hold herbs, possibly grains like rice, stones and other items for your deities. The offering bowl on my alter is generally filled at the new moon with items appropriate to either specific spell work, or to the holiday coming in that month. For example this month (August) I have rice, Bulgar wheat, tumbled Citrine and Quartz and Calendula, to celebrate Lammas and the first of the harvests. 


This is a really lovely little copper bowl for offerings on your alter. If you prefer, you can add sand to it and use it as a granular and powder incense burner with charcoal - but heat will likely turn the bright, pretty copper dark. To preserve the pretty finish, use it to create money bowls, other ritual bowls or as a offering receptacle for gifts to your deities!


Petite bowl is 3" tall, and 4" in diameter. Perfect for any altar, even the those with the biggest space constraints.


Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

Copper and Brass Offering Bowl with Pentacle

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