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Floral Body Spray, Witches Room Spray, Sensual Linen Spray, Witches Spray for Love and Sensuality, Room and Body, Sexy spray


Each month, when the moon is full, I charge pure, distilled water under the moon. That is the base for the clearing sprays we sell at Arachne's Web. Distilled water, charged under the moon, combined with essential oils and gemstones and crystals. That's it. No additives, no colors or dyes.

"Come to Me" is based off an old recipe, no idea how old. Herman Slater put a version of it into a formulary book in the 1970's, but it had no ratios. I have seen others change the main ingreidnets around with varying success.


This is a strong, rich blend of florals. Rose, Jasmine, get the picture. It has a little citrus at the top for freshness, and a bit of a woody base, but it all about the "heart notes" of floral essential oils. These are where the magick comes from. They call Jasmine the "king of flowers", and roses the "queen" for a reason - their scent is intoxicating!


The stones in this spray are designed for love and passion spells! Carnelian is here to awaken your second chakra, the one associated with sensuality and sexuality. And quartz to amplify the energy of the carnelian.


Please always test a small area to ensure you have no sensitivity to essential oils before spraying a lot on the skin. Although it is safe and dilute, it is still good to test. And always test fabrics for staining before spraying directly on drapes and furniture.


Shake well before each use to combine the oils and water.


You will receive 1, 4 oz spray bottle capped, with an enclosed sprayer.


Note: These statements are for entertainment purposes only.

Come to Me Attraction Spray

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