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Cinquefoil Herb, Witchy Herbs, Cinquefoil for Magick, Five Finger Grass for Spells, Witch's Herb Cinquefoil aka Five Finger Grass


The most common folk name for Cinquefoil is "Five Finger Grass". it is used in a wide variety of spell bottles and bowls, from road opening, to money magic to healing and general prosperity. Cinquefoil is a wonderful addition to your witchy apothecary!


Also known as: Creeping Cinquefoil, Erect Cinquefoil, Bloodroot, Five Fingers, Five Leaf Grass and Five Finger Grass.


Latin:                 Potentilla repens
Gender:             Masculine
Planetary:         Jupiter, Mercury
Astrological:    Taurus
Celebrations:  Beltane
Element:            Earth, Fire


Magical Properties:

Working with authority, (eloquent) communication, blessing, consecration, defense, divination, energy, favors, healing, heartbreak, (breaking) hexes, inspiration, justice, (ending) loneliness, love, luck, magic, money, (calming) nightmares, nurture, passion, power, prosperity, protection, security, strength, success, travel, wealth, well-being, wisdom, wishes and (defense against) witchcraft.


This listing is for 1 oz. by weight of Five Finger Grass also known as Cinquefoil. It comes in a zip lock bag, with an information card containing the information above for handy reference in your book of shadows or grimoire.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Cinquefoil for Magick

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