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Mars' began doing serious art as a Celtic artist. He does stunning Celtic knot and maze patterns. This lovely mug is playing to one of his strengths - beautiful Celtic design!


This mug is a very special new design. It is based on his original art: Excalibur Returned. That piece showed the lady recieving the sword Excalibur as it was thrown back into the lake after Arthuir's death. If you look closely, you can see the lady under the water in the art and on this cup. It's just beautiful.


The original is from a digital painting - his first and I think it came out amazing. He did all new knot work for this mug border, and surrounded the sword with a new and highly detaile design. I love the way this came out.


This is a wonderful tea cup/coffee cup is all new for 2023, by Mars Dion. Sublimation printing is done here, by us in our own studio.


Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, this pretty mug will last for years to come. Mars has been using one of these as his tea cup since he finished printing the first one. He has been using it and running it through the dishwasher for a few months - good as new. 


Made from fine milled white porcelain. 


Arachne's Web got a Yule gift for ourselves at the end of 2022: we got our own press and printing equiment to make our own mugs and other decor items from our art work here, in our own studio! That means no delayed ship times! We get an order, we print it and ship it out! Same great quality and no delay!


Celtic Lady of the Lake Mug

SKU: excaliburmug
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