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Catnip for Magick, Dried Catnip, Witch's Catnip, Catnip for Magick, Catnip for Spells, Catnip for 

Word to the wise: When this arrives, transfer it to a jar with a tight lid. If you leave it in the plastic bag, your cat will attack it mercilessly! lol


Latin:               Nepeta cataria
Gender:          Feminine
Planetary:       Venus
Element:         Water


Magical Properties:

Acceptance, anger, beauty, courage, dream work, happiness, harmony, (attract) love, (attract) luck, (stop) nightmares)psychic ability, sleep, strength and to reduce stress.


You will receive a 1 oz bag of dried Catnip, with an information card of correspondences.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Catnip Herb for Witchcraft

SKU: HerbCatnipLeaf
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