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Cast Iron Backflow Incense Burner, Backflow Cone Burner, Waterfall Burner, Witchy incense Burner, Magickal Incense Burner


This is a wonderful backflow burner, one of my favorites. 


If you haven't seen these wild burners in action, you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Backflow incense burners use special incense with a tiny hold drilled in it, to create an effect of the smoke floating down instead of up! To make that effect, you have to use backflow incense. And, you have to wait a few minutes. When you first light it, the incense burns as normal. Then after a few minutes, it starts to creep downward. It's SO cool!


The burner is cast iron, coated in high quality black gloss enamel, and is 4.5" tall, and 4.5" wide. Black cast iron will wear for many, many years!


We have a large selection of backflow incense here too!

Cast Iron Waterfall Backflow Burner

SKU: Backflowset2
$19.95 Regular Price
$9.98Sale Price
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