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Triquetra Cauldron, Cast Iron Cauldron, Witchy Burner, Witches Decor, Witch's Cauldron for Incense


This is really cute mini cauldron! Made from durable cast iron, with three legs to keep the body of the cauldron off your furniture.


Use this cauldron for burning incense, sage and other loose incense and herbs on charcoal or off. The strong cast iron can stand up to the heat without cracking like a ceramic burner might.


When I use this type of cauldron, I still put a tile underneath it when burning. The heat can transfer into the legs, although it has never happened to me. Another good option is to put sand into the cauldron before putting a charcoal disk in and lighting. The sand provides an excellent heat sink.

This cute little cauldron is just over 4.5" tall, and about 3.25" in diameter. It has a really cute little shape, very fat in the middle.


As always, please Never leave anything burning unattended.


Please Note: This is Not a cooking cauldron. This is designed for use in magic and for burning items like incense, sage and such. 


This listing is for one cauldron. Charcoal and herbs/incense are not included.

Cast Iron Triquetra Cauldron

SKU: triquetracauldron
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