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3 Cassiterite Tumbled, 3 Cassiterite Stones, 3 Smooth Tumbled Cassiterite Crystals, Cassiterite for Spells, Witch's Cassiterite


Cassiterite is a largely opaque, white to beige stone with black and brown inclusions. This stone is activates the root, Sacral and solar plexus chakras.  


  Astrological:   Sagittarius    
  Chakras:           Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus      
Magical Uses: (Key word:) Transitions

Supports shamanic activity. Grounding, (understanding the) major cycles of life, manifest dreams, (heal from) judgement and rejection. 

Useful for people who tend to sacrifice their own wants and needs in order to help others. It can help you see what is reasonable to do for others.

Believed to aid in the process of reincarnation at life end. 


This listing is for 3 tumbled cassiterite stones as shown, with an information card of correspondences. Sizes vary.

Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

Cassiterite, 3 Tumbled

SKU: StoneCassiterite
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