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Hand-carved Wooden Pentacle, Witch's Pentacle, Witchy Pentagram, Altar Pentacle, Witchcraft Pentagram, Altar Pentacle


The Pentagram is used on the altar of many Witches to represent the element of Earth. The symbol of the pentagram is protective, and is often used to attract protection and luck or money. The suit of Pentagrams in Tarot often has money messages associated.


This wonderful hand-crafted pentagram is carved from wood, and stained a deep brown. The design is carved out, with spaces in between, so it makes a perfect altar tile or a trivet for your burner to protect your altar!


Small enough and light enough for a portable altar set up, but also substantial enough for a permanent marker for the Earth element.


Pentagram measures 4" in diameter, and is about 1/3" thick.


This lovely little pentagram is perfect for a traveling altar, or a smaller setup - or for any altar really. I love using wood as the material for the pentagram. For many years now, I have used a slice of a tree that fell near my childhood home that I carved my pentagram into. I use one of these wooden carved pentagrams in my traveling altar.


This listing is for one wooden pentagram.

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Carved Wooden Pentacle Altar Tile

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