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Carved Selenite Wand, Witch's Wand, Wand for Magick, Witchy Stone Wand, Wand for SPells, Stone Wand for Magick

The Witches Wand represents the element of Fire. It is often instrumental in casting the circle in sacred space, and is used to direct your intention. A wand can be made of anything you feel drawn to - wood, metal or stone, to name just a few things.


This lovely carved Selenite wand has a spiral carved into the top and the bottom. What a wonderful addition to your ritual altar!


Selenite is a protective stone that is known to shield people and spaces from outside influences. What better item to include in your altar! For more on Selenite, see the blog post on Magical

Properties of Gemstones & Crystals.


Overall length: 6"


Selenite is a fairly soft and brittle stone, so I recommend keeping this out of wet conditions (over time it can start to dissolve), and avoid dropping or impacts as it can crack.

Carved Selenite Wand

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