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I love this pretty little altar table. It works beautifully as a small altar, but it is also a lovely addition to my Hecate shrine. The last picture shows it with the pentacle cabinet in my shrine.


This pretty altar table is 7.5" square, and 5" tall. The compact size is wonderful for anyone with less space, or a desire to hide altar tools away after ritual. This could tuck into a closet or drawer easily.


The table also has a handy drawer in one wide, with a ring drawer pull. I use mine to hold a few smaller tools, a candle holder, a candle carving tool, and a vial of anointing oil. 


I use this table as the base for my Hecate statue. She is on this base with a figure of a wolf and several pieces of stone - labradorite, garnet, black onyx, black tourmaline and a couple of quartz skulls. I love this shrine. The second image is this table and the pentacle cupboard with my Hecate statue and several other items. We also have the stone ravens shown on the site here.


You will receive one carved wooden altar table, as shown. Other items shown for scale and mood, not included.

Carved Pentacle Wooden Altar Table

SKU: PentacleAltarTable
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