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Carved Brass Incense Burner, Carved Brass Charcoal Burner, Cone or Loose Incense Burner, Witch's Cone or Loose Incense Burner

Carved Brass Incense Burner, Black and Gold Carved Incense Burner, Lovely Carved Incense Burner

This is such a pretty burner! It comes with a lid, and a small wooden xcoaster to protect your furniture from the heat of the burner when you burn charcoal.


This burner is designed for use with charcoal and loose incense or resins, or for use with cones.  If you opt to use it with charcoal, you may wish to consider using sand in it to keep the finish bright and pretty. High heat may darken the brass.  We sell incense sand for charcoal here:


A pretty accent on any coffee table, this is also a wonderful burner for your altar. Made from solid brass, enameled in balck and carved, to allow the brass color to show through. Just lovely.


Burner is 3.5" tall, and 3" in diameter. A nice compact size, easy to fit into any environment.

Carved Brass Cone or Charcoal Burner

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